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Capoeira interview – instrutora Cigana

What is your name in the capoeira?
What is your capoeira group? And what is your graduation (corda)?
Grupo Capoeira Brasil (Holanda). Green cord / Instrutora.
How long are you training capoeira?
First week of September 20 years.
How and why did you start to train capoeira?
I practiced dance (modern and classical ballet) and at my school there was a yearly end of season show. I gave 2 shows, but there also was a capoeira demo. I was immediately struck by the spectacular kicks and acrobatics, the culture mix and beautiful people. Next week I signed up for classes with Mestre Paulão do Ceará and Professor Bram.
For you, what is capoeira? What capoeira means?
It is my life. A beautiful way to express myself… regardless how I feel. I can enjoy my passion for dance, music, Brazilian culture and the use of space in the circle (roda). I love to PLAY and have challenges and challenge others. Some words that I associate with capoeira are: liberty, harmony and unity.
Would you indicate capoeira for someone else? Why?
Yes. If you look at most capoeiristas you will notice that they are healthy, strong, beautiful, playful and happy people. It is good for anybody and any soul. Often everybody is respected for their individual character and capabilities. My master always says “Capoeira is a medicine for everything”… And I discovered he is right… If you are tired from work? Go play capoeira! Are you feeling down? Go play capoeira! a.s.o.
Tell us a capoeirista who you admire and that is an inspiration for you. Why?
Only one??? In the 1st place my own master Mestre Paulão do Ceará. He is world famous in the capoeira community. I admire his devotion, hard work and love for capoeira. As my master??? He is a perfectionist… but I also get a lot of support from him.
I also respect my first master in capoeira Mestre Tayson, he was great teacher for me, valued the basics, continuity and believed in me.
Which capoeira song do you like best? Why?
“Leva Eu” of Mestre Barrão and Mestre Toni Vargas. I love their voices, musicality and the production of that song. A song for me is good when it creates energy, when it makes you want to play.
Which capoeira move do you like best? Why?
The meia lua de compasso, that technique is so interesting and there are so many styles and ways of executing it. If performed well it can be very dangerous and effective.
Capoeira is martial art, is dance, is music, is acrobatics. In your opinion what (of this) is most important? Why?
Capoeira needs the first three elements for an interesting game for me. Acrobatics are less important, nice but extra, as a cherries on the pie.
Do you want to add some comment or remark?
One of the nice things of capoeira is that people play with everyone. For example I have played with:
– adult people;
– sport athletes;
– 80 year old people;
– disabled people;
– small children of 3 years old;
– mentally challenged people.

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